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The Local Area


Our local village



If you're looking for local shops and a place to grab a snack or two. The closest available to the retreat are an all day bakery in Gathemo and a small parade of shops in St.Pois. They are open most days and have a good range, from your morning croissants and baguettes to fresh fruit, vegetables, wine, cider, beers and traditional French foods. 


Nestled amongst country walks and picturesque landscapes is one of the villages few local attractions the Park Museum of Granite which is a fascinating place to learn about the local area and it's history.


For those who want to venture further afield there are many towns with great historical interests and activities to indulge in. 


We will keep the site updated with places of interest. We are still finding hidden gems ourselves. 

Further Afield

The remains of Domfront castle are a must to visit. Built in 1100 the castle stands tall overlooking the river Varenne.

The church of Saint-Julien is another beautiful piece of architecture within the town of Domfront located next to the castle it is another good addition to a day trip.

Amongst it's beautiful buildings you will also be able to dive into the local delicacies or indulge in some retail therapy 


The 8th Century island of Mont-Saint-Michel is a must visit when it comes to France it is one of the most photographed places in northern France. interesting fact 1 in 3 tourists won't actually make it to the top of island to the abbey. 

Naturist Friendly Beaches

Marked on the map below are the three main naturist friendly beaches that we have found local to our site. As we get to know the area some more we will keep the map updated with the local hotspots and hidden gems that we find. 

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